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We are always looking for Individuals and Corporations interested in joining our Engineer Brotherhood


Who Can Join ? How Can You Join?

All Personnel who were assigned to, attached to, or in support of U.S. Marine Corps Marine-Air-Ground Task Force units and in particular, those that served with USMC Engineer & EOD units, or Seabees.

Click on appropriate Membership Form, save/download, print out, complete and mail by U. S. Postal services to:

Marine Corps Engineer Association

10018 Estancia Lane

Austin, Texas 78739

Individual Membership Form $25 for 1 year; $60 for 3 years; $500 LIFETIME

Corporate Membership Form $400 per year


Website Member Application



If you are renewing your dues and want to pay via PayPal or credit card, you do not need to complete the membership application.


Mail check/money order with completed Membership Form, or fill out Website Member Application and choose send check/money order.


Click on Add to cart Button (below) and choose Option to pay with credit card or PayPal


account and send completed Membership Form to contact info on form.


Mac users right click on drop down menu to choose payment plan


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